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Key Words
Boyne, John  (1 Record)  
Fiction Boyne, John Heart's Invisible Furies  
Coleman, R. F.  (1 Record)  
Mystery Coleman, R. F. Robert Parker: Hangman's Sonnet 1. Parker, Robert
Cussler, Clive  (1 Record)  
Fiction Cussler, Clive Romanov Ransom 1. Burcell, Robin
Dalrymple, Matty  (1 Record)  
Mystery Dalrymple, Matty Rock, Paper, Scissors  
Davis, Fiona  (1 Record)  
Fiction Davis, Fiona Address 1. LP
DeMille, Nelson  (1 Record)  
Fiction DeMille, Nelson Cuban Affair  
Eisner, Peter  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Eisner, Peter MacArthur's Spies 1. MacArthur, Douglas  2. LP
Fairstein, Linda  (1 Record)  
Mystery Fairstein, Linda Deadfall  
Finder, Joseph  (1 Record)  
Fiction Finder, Joseph Switch  
Follett, Ken  (1 Record)  
Fiction Follett, Ken Column of Fire  
Ford, Jamie  (1 Record)  
Fiction Ford, Jamie Love and Other Consolation Prizes  
French, Nicci  (3 Records) 
Mystery French, Nicci Dark Saturday  
Mystery French, Nicci Friday On My Mind  
Mystery French, Nicci Sunday Morning Coming Down  
Grafton, Sue  (1 Record)  
Mystery Grafton, Sue Y is for Yesterday  
Grann, David  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Grann, David Killers of the Flower Moon 1. LP
Hooper, Elise  (1 Record)  
Fiction Hooper, Elise Other Alcott 1. Alcott, May
Jance, J. A.  (1 Record)  
Mystery Jance, J. A. Proof of Life  
Karon, Jan  (1 Record)  
Fiction Karon, Jan To Be Where You Are  
Lapena, Shari  (1 Record)  
Fiction Lapena, Shari Stranger in the House  
LeCarre, John  (1 Record)  
Fiction LeCarre, John Legacy of Spies  
Lunde, Maja  (1 Record)  
Fiction Lunde, Maja History of Bees  
Macintyre, Ben  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Macintyre, Ben Rogue Heroes 1. LP
Maron, Margaret  (1 Record)  
Mystery Maron, Margaret Take Out  
Mathews, Brendan  (1 Record)  
Fiction Mathews, Brendan World of Tomorrow  
Miranda, Megan  (1 Record)  
Mystery Miranda, Megan Perfect Stranger  
Ng, Celeste  (1 Record)  
Fiction Ng, Celeste Little Fires Everywhere  
O'Reilly, Bill  (1 Record)  
NonFiction O'Reilly, Bill Killing England 1. Dugard, Martin
Patterson, James  (3 Records) 
Mystery Patterson, James Christmas Mystery 1. DiLallo, Richard
Mystery Patterson, James Haunted 1. Born, James D.
Mystery Patterson, James Trial 1. Paetro, Maxine  2. Women's Murder Club
Penny, Louise  (1 Record)  
Mystery Penny, Louise Glass Houses  
Pimentel, Melissa  (1 Record)  
Fiction Pimentel, Melissa One That Got Away 1. Persuasion by Jane Austen
Robb, J. D.  (1 Record)  
Mystery Robb, J. D. Secrets in Death  
Steel, Danielle  (1 Record)  
Fiction Steel, Danielle Right Time  
Steiner, Susan  (1 Record)  
Mystery Steiner, Susan Persons Unknown  
Wiggs, Susan  (1 Record)  
Fiction Wiggs, Susan Map of the Heart  
Wolas, Cherise  (1 Record)  
Fiction Wolas, Cherise Resurrection of Joan Ashby  
Wollenberg, Sandra  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Wollenberg, Sandra Compassion: Where Did It Go  
Zevin, Gabrielle  (1 Record)  
Fiction Zevin, Gabrielle Young Jane Young  
  Author Number of
Boyne, John 1
Coleman, R. F. 1
Cussler, Clive 1
Dalrymple, Matty 1
Davis, Fiona 1
DeMille, Nelson 1
Eisner, Peter 1
Fairstein, Linda 1
Finder, Joseph 1
Follett, Ken 1
Ford, Jamie 1
French, Nicci 3
Grafton, Sue 1
Grann, David 1
Hooper, Elise 1
Jance, J. A. 1
Karon, Jan 1
Lapena, Shari 1
LeCarre, John 1
Lunde, Maja 1
Macintyre, Ben 1
Maron, Margaret 1
Mathews, Brendan 1
Miranda, Megan 1
Ng, Celeste 1
O'Reilly, Bill 1
Patterson, James 3
Penny, Louise 1
Pimentel, Melissa 1
Robb, J. D. 1
Steel, Danielle 1
Steiner, Susan 1
Wiggs, Susan 1
Wolas, Cherise 1
Wollenberg, Sandra 1
Zevin, Gabrielle 1
  Totals (36 groups) 40

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