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Key Words
Alexander, V. S.  (1 Record)  
Fiction Alexander, V. S. Taster 1. Hitler, Adolf
Benanav, Michael  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Benanav, Michael Himalaya Bound 1. VanGujjar Tribe
Berenson, Alex  (1 Record)  
Fiction Berenson, Alex Deceivers  
Bloom, Amy  (1 Record)  
Fiction Bloom, Amy White Houses 1. Roosevelt, Eleanor  2. Hickok, Wrena
Bracht, Mary Lynn  (1 Record)  
Fiction Bracht, Mary Lynn White Chrysanthemum  
Bradley, Alan  (1 Record)  
Mystery Bradley, Alan Grave's a Fine and Private Place  
Bradley, James  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Bradley, James Flyboys LP
Burke, Alafair  (1 Record)  
Mystery Burke, Alafair Wife  
Cleeton, Chanel  (1 Record)  
Fiction Cleeton, Chanel Next Year in Havana  
Cleveland, Karen  (1 Record)  
Fiction Cleveland, Karen Need to Know  
Corry, Jane  (1 Record)  
Fiction Corry, Jane Blood Sisters  
Damasio, Antonio  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Damasio, Antonio Strange Order of Things  
DeShalit, Jonathan  (1 Record)  
Fiction DeShalit, Jonathan Traitor 1. Cohen, Steve, Translator
Eggers, Dave  (1 Record)  
Biography Eggers, Dave Monk of Mocha 1. Alkhanshali, Mokhtar
Elgar, Emily  (1 Record)  
Fiction Elgar, Emily If You Knew Her  
Fellows, Jessica  (1 Record)  
Mystery Fellows, Jessica Mitford Murders  
Gardiner, Meg  (1 Record)  
Mystery Gardiner, Meg Into the Black Nowhere  
Gardner, Lisa  (1 Record)  
Mystery Gardner, Lisa Look for Me  
Haig, Matt  (1 Record)  
Fiction Haig, Matt How to Stop Time  
Hannah, Kristin  (1 Record)  
Fiction Hannah, Kristin Great Alone  
Harper, Jane Elizabeth  (1 Record)  
Mystery Harper, Jane Elizabeth Force of Nature  
Hart, Carolyn  (1 Record)  
Mystery Hart, Carolyn Ghost to the Rescue LP
Jones, Tayari  (1 Record)  
Fiction Jones, Tayari American Marriage  
Kerrison, Catherine  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Kerrison, Catherine Jefferson's Daughters 1. Randolph, Martha Jefferson  2. Eppes, Maria  3. Hemings, Harriet
Kinsella, Sophie  (1 Record)  
Fiction Kinsella, Sophie Surprise Me  
Lescroart, John  (1 Record)  
Fiction Lescroart, John Poison  
Luesse, Valerie Fraser  (1 Record)  
Fiction Luesse, Valerie Fraser Missing Isaac  
Mallery, Susan  (1 Record)  
Fiction Mallery, Susan Sisters Like Us  
Martin, Kimmery  (1 Record)  
Fiction Martin, Kimmery Queen of Hearts  
McMahon, Jennifer  (1 Record)  
Mystery McMahon, Jennifer Burntown  
Meissner, Susan  (1 Record)  
Fiction Meissner, Susan As Bright As Heaven  
Moyes, Jo Jo  (1 Record)  
Fiction Moyes, Jo Jo Still Me  
Navin, Rhiannon  (1 Record)  
Fiction Navin, Rhiannon Only Child  
Nunez, Sigrid  (1 Record)  
Fiction Nunez, Sigrid Friend  
O'Flanagan, Sheila  (1 Record)  
Fiction O'Flanagan, Sheila Missing Wife  
Patterson, James  (1 Record)  
Mystery Patterson, James Store LP  1. DiLallo, Richard
Riley, Lucinda  (1 Record)  
Fiction Riley, Lucinda Pearl Sister  
Robb, J. D.  (1 Record)  
Mystery Robb, J. D. Dark in Death  
Silver, Mitch  (1 Record)  
Fiction Silver, Mitch Bookworm  
Silvis, Randall  (1 Record)  
Mystery Silvis, Randall Walking the bones  
Stanton, Doug  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Stanton, Doug Odyssey of Echo Company 1. Vietnam War  2. 1968 Tet Offensive
Steel, Danielle  (1 Record)  
Fiction Steel, Danielle Fall from Grace  
Swanson, Cynthia  (1 Record)  
Fiction Swanson, Cynthia Glass Forest  
Todd, Charles  (1 Record)  
Mystery Todd, Charles Gate Keeper  
  Author Number of
Alexander, V. S. 1
Benanav, Michael 1
Berenson, Alex 1
Bloom, Amy 1
Bracht, Mary Lynn 1
Bradley, Alan 1
Bradley, James 1
Burke, Alafair 1
Cleeton, Chanel 1
Cleveland, Karen 1
Corry, Jane 1
Damasio, Antonio 1
DeShalit, Jonathan 1
Eggers, Dave 1
Elgar, Emily 1
Fellows, Jessica 1
Gardiner, Meg 1
Gardner, Lisa 1
Haig, Matt 1
Hannah, Kristin 1
Harper, Jane Elizabeth 1
Hart, Carolyn 1
Jones, Tayari 1
Kerrison, Catherine 1
Kinsella, Sophie 1
Lescroart, John 1
Luesse, Valerie Fraser 1
Mallery, Susan 1
Martin, Kimmery 1
McMahon, Jennifer 1
Meissner, Susan 1
Moyes, Jo Jo 1
Navin, Rhiannon 1
Nunez, Sigrid 1
O'Flanagan, Sheila 1
Patterson, James 1
Riley, Lucinda 1
Robb, J. D. 1
Silver, Mitch 1
Silvis, Randall 1
Stanton, Doug 1
Steel, Danielle 1
Swanson, Cynthia 1
Todd, Charles 1
  Totals (44 groups) 44

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