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Key Words
Berg, Elizabeth  (1 Record)  
Fiction Berg, Elizabeth Story of Arthur Truluv  
Biden, Joe  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Biden, Joe Promise Me, Dad 1. Biden, Beau
Bradford, Barbara Taylor  (1 Record)  
Fiction Bradford, Barbara Taylor Secrets of Cavendon  
Cadbury, Deborah  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Cadbury, Deborah Queen Victoria's Matchmaking 1. Victoria, 1819-1901
Cameron, Marc  (1 Record)  
Fiction Cameron, Marc Tom Clancy Power and Empire  
Chiaverini, Jennifer  (1 Record)  
Fiction Chiaverini, Jennifer Enchantress of Numbers 1. Lovelace, Ada 2.  Babbage, Charles
Day, Paul Michael  (1 Record)  
Mystery Day, Paul Michael Keepers of the River  
De La Cruz, Melissa  (1 Record)  
Fiction De La Cruz, Melissa Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe  
Dolan, Harry  (1 Record)  
Mystery Dolan, Harry Man in the Crooked Hat  
Fraser, Caroline  (1 Record)  
Biography Fraser, Caroline Prairie Fires 1. Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Gardiner, Meg  (1 Record)  
Mystery Gardiner, Meg Unsub  
Gaynor, Hazel  (1 Record)  
Fiction Gaynor, Hazel Last Christmas in Paris Webb, Heather
Gelvin, James L.  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Gelvin, James L. New Middle East  
Gross, Andrew  (1 Record)  
Fiction Gross, Andrew Saboteur  
Hay, Ashley  (1 Record)  
Fiction Hay, Ashley Hundred Small Lessons  
Hogan, Ruth  (1 Record)  
Mystery Hogan, Ruth Keeper of Lost Things  
James, P. D.  (1 Record)  
Mystery James, P. D. Sleep No More 1. LP
Julien, Maude  (1 Record)  
Biography Julien, Maude Only Girl in the World 1. Gauthier, Ursula  2. Hunter, Adriana, Translator
Koontz, Dean  (1 Record)  
Fiction Koontz, Dean Whispering Room  
Lovesey, Peter  (1 Record)  
Mystery Lovesey, Peter Beau Death  
Nguyen, Viet Thanh  (1 Record)  
Fiction Nguyen, Viet Thanh Refugees  
Olafsson, Olaf  (1 Record)  
Fiction Olafsson, Olaf One Station Away  
Oz, Amos  (1 Record)  
Fiction Oz, Amos Judas 1. deLange, Nicholas, Translator
Patterson, James  (1 Record)  
Mystery Patterson, James People vs. Alex Cross  
Perry, Sarah  (1 Record)  
NonFiction Perry, Sarah After the Eclipse Perry, Crystal
Rayne, Sarah  (1 Record)  
Mystery Rayne, Sarah Chord of Evil  
Roberts, Nora  (1 Record)  
Fiction Roberts, Nora Year One  
Rollins, James  (1 Record)  
Fiction Rollins, James Demon Crown  
Shepard, Sam  (1 Record)  
Fiction Shepard, Sam Spy of the First Person  
Simons, Paullina  (1 Record)  
Fiction Simons, Paullina Girl in Times Square  
Steel, Danielle  (1 Record)  
Fiction Steel, Danielle Past Perfect  
Swan, Karen  (1 Record)  
Fiction Swan, Karen Paris Secret  
Ward, Jesmyn  (1 Record)  
Fiction Ward, Jesmyn Sing, Unburied, Sing  
Winslow, Don  (1 Record)  
Fiction Winslow, Don Force 1. LP
  Author Number of
Berg, Elizabeth 1
Biden, Joe 1
Bradford, Barbara Taylor 1
Cadbury, Deborah 1
Cameron, Marc 1
Chiaverini, Jennifer 1
Day, Paul Michael 1
De La Cruz, Melissa 1
Dolan, Harry 1
Fraser, Caroline 1
Gardiner, Meg 1
Gaynor, Hazel 1
Gelvin, James L. 1
Gross, Andrew 1
Hay, Ashley 1
Hogan, Ruth 1
James, P. D. 1
Julien, Maude 1
Koontz, Dean 1
Lovesey, Peter 1
Nguyen, Viet Thanh 1
Olafsson, Olaf 1
Oz, Amos 1
Patterson, James 1
Perry, Sarah 1
Rayne, Sarah 1
Roberts, Nora 1
Rollins, James 1
Shepard, Sam 1
Simons, Paullina 1
Steel, Danielle 1
Swan, Karen 1
Ward, Jesmyn 1
Winslow, Don 1
  Totals (34 groups) 34

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