Key Words
(empty)  (1 Record)  
Biography  (3 Records) 
Biography Westover, Tara Educated LP.  1. Westover, Tara
Biography Clapper, James R. Facts and Fears 1. Brown, Trey.  2. Clapper, James R.
Biography Hersh, Seymour M. Reporter 1. Hersh, Seymour M.
Fiction  (20 Records) 
Fiction Simsion, Graeme Two Steps Forward 1. Buist, Anne
Fiction Lawhon, Ariel Anastasia LP.  1. Romanov, Anastasia  2. Anderson, Anna
Fiction Mbue, Imbolo Behold the Dreamers  
Fiction Colgan, Jenny Endless Beach  
Fiction Blum, Jenna Lost Family  
Fiction Gabel, Aja Ensemble  
Fiction Hilderbrand, Elin Perfect Couple  
Fiction Weisberger, Lauren When Life Gives You Lululemons  
Fiction Backman, Fredrik Us Against You 1. Smith, Neil, Translator
Fiction Cohen, Jon Harry's Trees  
Fiction White, Karen Dreams of Falling  
Fiction Robards, Karen Moscow Deception  
Fiction Dybek, Nick Verdun Affair  
Fiction Cussler, Clive Gray Ghost 1. Burcell, Robin
Fiction Mah, Ann Lost Vintage  
Fiction Mirza, Fatima F. Place for Us  
Fiction Monroe, Mary Alice Beach House Reunion  
Fiction Roberts, Nora Shelter in Place  
Fiction Allnutt, Luke We Own the Sky  
Fiction Miller, Madeline Circe  
Mystery  (13 Records) 
Mystery McCall Smith, Alexander House of Unexpected Sisters  
Mystery Preston, Douglas Pharaoh Key LP 
Mystery Paris, B.A. Bring Me Back  
Mystery Woods, Stuart Turbulence  
Mystery Horowitz, Anthony Word Is Murder  
Mystery Patterson, James President Is Missing 1. Clinton, Bill
Mystery Ware, Ruth Death of Mrs. Westaway  
Mystery Connolly, John Woman in the Woods  
Mystery Nugent, Liz Lying in Wait  
Mystery Dyer, Ashley Splinter in the Blood Murphy, Margaret.  2. Pepper, Helen
Mystery Walker, Martin Taste for Vengeance  
Mystery King, Laurie R. Island of the Mad 1. Russell, Mary.  2. Holmes, Sherlock
Mystery King, Stephen Outsider  
NonFiction  (5 Records) 
NonFiction Roker, Al Ruthless Tide 1. Johnstown, PA
NonFiction Abrams, Dan Lincoln's Last Trial 1. Fisher, David.  2. Lincoln, Abraham
NonFiction Sedaris, David Calypso 1. Essays
NonFiction Griswold, Eliza Amity and Prosperity  
NonFiction Robers, Elizabeth B. Saving Central Park  
  TYPE Number of
(empty) 1
Biography 3
Fiction 20
Mystery 13
NonFiction 5
  Totals (5 groups) 42

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