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Allende, Isabel Ripper LP
Allende, Isabel Japanese Lover LP   1. Caistor, Nick (Translator)  2. Hopkinson, Amanda (Translator)
Archer, Jeffrey Cometh the Hour LP
Backman, Fredrik Man Called Ove LP
Baier, Bret Three Days in January LP  1. Whitney, Catherine  2. Eisenhower, Dwight
Baker, Jo Longbourn LP
Baldacci, David Wish you well LP
Baldacci, David Split Second LP
Baldacci, David Hell's Corner LP
Baldacci, David Innocent LP
Baldacci, David King and Maxwell LP
Baldacci, David Target LP
Baldacci, David Espcape LP
Baldacci, David Memory Man LP
Berg, Elizabeth Year of Pleasures LP
Berg, Elizabeth Home Safe LP
Binchy, Maeve Tara road LP
Blume, Judy In the Unlikely Event LP
Bohjalian, Chris Secrets of Eden LP
Bohjalian, Chris Guest Room LP
Bradford Barbara Taylor Just Rewards LP
Bradford, Barbara Taylor Secret affair LP
Bradley, James Flags of Our Fathers LP
Bradley, James Flyboys LP
Brands, H. W. General vs. the President LP  1. Truman, Harry  2. MacArthur, Douglas
Brokaw, Tom Boom LP
Brokow, Tom Greatest Generation LP
Brown, Dan Origin LP
Brown, Daniel James Boys in the Boat LP
Brown, Sandra Chill Factor LP
Brown, Sandra Tough Customer LP
Brown, Sandra Deadline LP
Brown, Sandra Sting LP
Bryson, bill One Summer: America, 1927 LP
Burnett, Carol This Time Together LP
Carr, Robyn Forbidden Falls LP
Carr, Robyn Moonlight Road LP
Challinor, C. S. Murder at the Dolphin Inn LP
Chiaverini, Jennifer Union Quilters LP
Child, Lee Bad Luck and Trouble LP
Child, Lee Worth Dying For LP
Child, Lee Wanted Man LP
Child, Lee Never Go Back LP
Child, Lee Make Me LP
Child, Lee Make Me LP
Christie, Agatha Mysterious Mr. Quin LP
Christie, Agatha Body in the Library LP
Christie, Agatha Mysterious Mr. Quin LP
Clark, Carol Higgins He Sees You When You're Sleeping LP
Clark, Carol Higgins Laced LP
Clark, Mary Higgins You belong to me LP
Clark, Mary Jane That Old Black Magic LP
Cline, Emma Girls LP
Coben, Harlan Home LP
Connelly, Michael City of Bones LP
Connelly, Michael Chasing The Dime LP
Connelly, Michael Closers LP
Connelly, Michael Lincoln Lawyers LP
Connelly, Michael Gods of Guilt LP
Connelly, Michael Two Kinds of Truth LP
Conroy, Pat My Reading Life LP
Conroy, Pat Death of Santini LP
Cornwell, Patricia Black notice LP
Coulter, Catherine Blowout LP
Davis, Fiona Address LP
Deaver, Jeffery Steel Kiss LP
Delinsky, Barbara Secret Between Us LP
Delinsky, Barbara While My Sister Sleeps LP
DeMille, Nelson Night Fall LP
DeMille, Nelson Quest LP
DeMille, Nelson Radiant Angel LP
Deveraux, Jude Wild Orchids LP
Deveraux, Jude Carolina Isle LP
Dunant, Sarah Sacred Hearts LP
Eisner, Peter MacArthur's Spies LP   1. MacArthur, Douglas
Evanovich, Janet Hard Eight LP
Evanovich, Janet Ten Big Ones LP
Evanovich, Janet One for the Money LP
Evanovich, Janet Finger Lickin Fifteen LP
Evanovich, Janet Wife For Hire LP
Evanovich, Janet Chase LP
Feather, Jane Almost Innocent LP
Flagg, Fannie Can't Wait to Get to Heaven LP
Flagg, Fannie I Still Dream About You LP
Flagg, Fannie Whole Town's Talking LP
Flynn, Gillian Gone Girl LP
Follett, Ken Jackdaws LP
Ford, Jamie Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet LP
Ford, Richard Canada LP
Francis, Felix Refusal LP
Frank, Dorothea Benton Lowcountry Summer LP
Frazier Charles Thirteen Moons LP
Gardner, Lisa Gone LP
Garwood, Julie Slow Burn LP
Geoge, Elizabeth This Body of Death LP
George, Elizabeth Place of Hiding LP
George, Elizabeth Careless in Red LP
George, Elizabeth Believing the Lie LP
Goudge, Eileen Replacement Wife LP
Grafton, Sue R is for Ricochet LP
Grafton, Sue U is for Undertow LP
Grann, David Killers of the Flower Moon LP
Greaney, Mark Tom Clancy: True Faith and Allegiance LP
Grimes, Martha Old contemptibles LP
Grimes, Martha Blue Last LP
Grisham, John Chamber LP
Grisham, John Brethren LP
Grisham, John Skipping Christmas LP
Grisham, John Bleachers LP
Grisham, John Confession LP
Grisham, John Ford County LP
Grisham, John Calico Joe LP
Grisham, John Racketeer LP
Grisham, John Racketeer LP
Grisham, John Sycamore Row LP
Grisham, John Rogue Lawyer LP
Grisham, John Broker LP
Gruen, Sara Ape House LP
Gruen, Sara At the Water's Edge LP
Hannah, Kristin Nightingale LP
Harris, Robert Munich LP
Hart, Carolyn Ghost to the Rescue LP
Hawkins, Paula Girl on the Train LP
Hilderbrand, Elin Rumor LP
Hilderbrand, Elin Winter Stroll LP
Hillenbrand, Laura Unbroken LP
Hillerman, Tony First eagle LP
Hoag, Tami Dust to dust LP
Hoag, Tami Prior Bad Acts LP
Hoffman, Alice Blue Diary LP
Jakes, John American Dreams LP
Jakes, John Charleston LP
James, P. D. Sleep No More LP
James, P.D. Murder Room LP
James, P.D. Lighthouse LP
James, P.D. Death Comes To Pemberley LP
Jance, J. A. Fire and Ice LP
Karon, Jan Shepherds Abiding LP
Kellerman, Faye Stalker LP
Kellerman, Johathan True Detectives LP
Kellerman, Jonathan Mystery LP
Kelly, Scott Endurance LP
Kilmeade, Brian Andrew Jackson / New Orleans LP   1. Yaeger, Don  2. Jackson, Andrew
Kingsolver, Barbara Prodigal Summer LP
Kingwolver, Barbara Flight Behavior LP
Koontz, Dean Your Heart Belongs to Me LP
Lagercrantz, David Girl in the Spider's Web LP
Lahiri, Jhumpa Lowland LP
Larson, Erik Dead Wake LP
Lee, Harper Go Set a Watchman LP
Lehane, Dennis Live By Night LP
Lewis, Beverly Crossroad LP
Lewis, Beverly Postcard LP
Lippman, Laura Another Thing to Fall LP
Lowell, Elizabeth Die in Plain Light LP
Macintyre, Ben Rogue Heroes LP
Macomber, Debbie When Christmas Comes LP
Macomber, Debbie Starting Now LP
Macomber, Debbie Blossom Street Brides LP
Macomber, Debbie Silver Linings LP
Macomber, Debbie Girl's Guide to Moving On LP
Macomber, Debbie Any Dream Will Do LP
Mathis, Ayana Twelve Tribes of Hattie LP
McCall Smith, Alexander Lost Art of Gratitude LP
McCall Smith, Alexander Forever Girl LP
Meltzer, Brad Book of Lies LP
Mills, Kyle Patriot Attack LP
Moore, Christopher Sacre Bleu LP
Moriarty, Liane Big Little Lies LP
Moriarty, Liane Husband's Secret LP
Moyes, Jojo Horse Dancer LP
Naslund, Sena Jeter Fountain of St. James Court LP
Nesbo, Jo Son LP
Paretsky, Sara Hard Time LP
Patchett, Ann This is the Story of a Happy Marriage LP - 1. Patchett, Ann - Family.
Patchett, Ann Commonwealth LP
Patterson, James Roses are red LP
Patterson, James Jester LP
Patterson, James Honeymoon LP
Patterson, James Step on a Crack LP
Patterson, James Sundays at Tiffany's LP
Patterson, James Beach Road LP
Patterson, James 8th confession LP
Patterson, James Worst Case LP
Patterson, James Guilty Wives LP
Patterson, James Mary, Mary LP
Patterson, James Quickie LP
Patterson, James Sixth Target LP
Patterson, James Gone LP
Patterson, James Bullseye LP  1. Michael Ledwidge
Patterson, James Store LP  1. DiLallo, Richard
Patterson, James You've Been Warned LP
Patterson, James Fifth Horseman LP
Patterson, Richard North No safe place LP
Patterson, Richard North Conviction LP
Pavonne, Chris Accident LP
Penny, Louise How the Light Gets In LP
Perry, Anne Defend and Betray LP
Peterson, Tracie Under the Northern Lights LP
Picoult, Jodi Vanishing Act LP
Plain, Belva Whispers LP
Plain, Belva Crossroads LP
Quindlen, Anna Blessings LP
Quindlen, Anna Every Last One LP
Quindlen, Anna Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake LP
Quindlen, Anna Still life with Bread Crumbs LP
Reichs, Kathy Two Nights LP
Rice, Luanne Summer of Roses LP
Rice, Luanne Sandcastles LP
Rinehart, Mary Roberts Miss Pinkerton LP
Robards, Karen Obsession LP
Robb, J. D. Purity In Death LP
Roberts, Nora Key of Valor LP
Roberts, Nora Chesapeake Blue LP
Roberts, Nora Hot Ice LP
Roberts, Nora Search LP
Roberts, Nora Tears of the Moon LP
Rollins, James Doomsday Key LP
Russo, Richard Everybody's Fool LP
Ryan, Jennifer Chilbury Ladies' Choir LP
Sandford, John Shock Wave LP
Santos, de los, Marisa Precious One LP
Santos, Maria de los Falling Together LP
Scottoline, Lisa Killer Smile LP
Scottoline, Lisa Devil's Corner LP
Scottoline, Lisa Dirty Blonde LP
Scottoline, Lisa Daddy's Girl LP
Scottoline, Lisa Lady Killer LP
Setterfield, Diane Thirteenth Tale LP
Sheldon, Sidney Morning, noon and night LP
Sheldon, Sidney Are You Afraid of the Dark? LP
Shreve, Anita Testimony LP
Shreve, Anita Change In Altitude LP
Siddons, Anne Rivers Sweetwater Creek LP
Siddons, Anne Rivers Fault Lines LP
Silva, Daniel English Girl LP
Silva, Daniel Black Widow LP
Smith, Tom Rob Agent 6 LP
Sparks, Nicholas Walk to remember LP
Sparks, Nicholas Bend In The Road LP
Sparks, Nicholas Wedding LP
Sparks, Nicholas At First Sight LP
Sparks, Nicholas Longest Ride LP
Sparks, Nicholas See Me LP
Spitz, Bob Dearie LP   1. Julia Child
Steel, Danielle House on Hope Street LP
Steel, Danielle Toxic Bachelors LP
Steel, Danielle Rogue LP
Steel, Danielle Big Girl LP
Steel, Danielle Power Play LP
Steel, Danielle Blue LP
Steel, Danielle Apartment LP
Steel, Danielle Duchess LP
Sullivan, J. Courtney Saints for All Occasions LP
Tan, Amy Valley of Amazement LP
Taylor, Brad Ring of Fire LP
Todd, Charles Impartial Witness LP
Todd, Charles Lonely Death LP
Todd, Charles Question of Honor LP
Todd, Charles Hunting Shadows LP
Todd, Charles Fine Summer's Day LP
Turow, Scott Identical LP
Turow, Scott Testimony LP
Tyler, Ann Spool of Blue Thread LP
Tyler, Anne Beginner's Goodbye LP
Whitehead, Colson Underground Railroad LP
Wiggs, Susan Passing Through Paradise LP
Winchester, Simon Man Who Loved China LP
Winslow, Don Force LP
Wood, Gordon S. Friends Divided LP   1. Adams, John 2. Jefferson, Thomas
Woods, Stuart Run LP

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